Phuket Muay Thai - Learn Thai Boxing in Patong Beach

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Patong Beach has excellent opportunities for those interested in watching and learning about Muay Thai.

For those who wish to watch, there are two well established boxing stadiums in Patong, the Patong Boxing Stadium on Sai Namyen Road, and The Bangla Stadium at the intersection of Bangla and Rat-U-Thit Roads (above the Margarita Bar).

Contests are held two to three nights weekly. Ticket prices range from 1000 to 1500 baht.

Often, however, admission can sometimes be for the price of a drink.

In addition, some of the gyms and training camps in Patong permit those interested to watch workouts. There is also a boxing staduim in nearby Phuket.

For those who wish to learn about and actually do Muay Thai, there are many suitably equipped and staffed facilities to train and learn at.

Most gyms and camps are happy for prospective students to drop by and check things out. Daily, weekly and monthly training rates are offered at most facilities - a daily rate of 400 to 500 baht is frequently mentioned, and the rates for longer periods of time are discounted. Private instruction is available for a higher rate.

All facilities can help prospective students find reasonable and convenient accommodation, and many maintain dorm rooms and bungalows for students, usually at a rate somewhat less than would be paid for a similar accommodation outside the facility.

Some Muay Thai training facities in Patong and nearby locations are:
  Those interested in Muay Thai training in the the Patong area should definitely study the facility websites carefully and, at some point, walk in, check things out and get to know people at the prospective gyms and camps.

There is, however, another resource that all prospective students should use: the free online community dedicated to Muay Thai in Thailand, www.muaythailand.com

This site contains information about all the camps, both of a formal nature and in the form of personal experiences recorded by members who have belonged to or visited the facilities.

By taking advantage of the information presented in this website, and by using the websites of the individual facilities, and through making personal visits to promising facilites, the student seeking a suitable Muay Thai facility will certainly be able to find one – or more than one!

If you're unable to make it to Phuket, perhaps you would like to enjoy Muay Thai in Bangkok.
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